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Indian Butter Chicken

Melt in your mouth good.

Adapted from:

I loved this recipe so much that once I started my low carb journey, I had to revise it! The Plated nutritional ingredients had 69 grams of carbs! I left out the Naan and I substituted Total 2% Plain Greek Yogurt Protein rich for their low fat yogurt and RAO’s Marinera sauce for their tomato puree got the carbs down to 10.2 Net Carbs. (the picture shown is making it the first time from the Plated ingredients.)

Don’t forget the “No Stress in the Kitchen” tips…to your right. 🙂

Indian Butter Chicken

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By leslie Serves: 4

After a few tweaks, this scrumptious recipe is now low carb and I'm so happy. It takes a bit longer to make but so worth it.


  • 1 container Total 2% Plain Greek Yogurt Protein rich
  • 2 tablespoons tikka masala curry paste, divided
  • 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 2 packages baby spinach (about 10oz each)
  • 1/2 Tbl ginger, minced, divided (about an inch)
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 shallot, sliced thin
  • 1 yellow onion, halved, sliced thin
  • ½ stick unsalted butter, divided
  • 14 oz RAO's Marinara Sauce (it's low carb)
  • 2 oz heavy cream



Preheat oven to 475°F.


In a large bowl, whisk together yogurt, ½ tablespoon curry paste, ¾ teaspoon salt, and pepper.


Pat chicken dry with a paper towel, cut into 1-inch pieces, and add to bowl with marinade. Turn to coat. Set aside to marinate at room temperature.


Rinse spinach. Mince ginger & garlic. Peel shallot; thinly slice into rings. Peel onion, halve and thinly slice.


Line a baking sheet with foil. Using a slotted spoon or tongs, remove chicken from marinade, allowing excess to drip off, and add to prepared baking sheet in a single layer. Bake until cooked through and no longer pink, 10–12 minutes.


Cut butter into 4 equal pieces; set aside 1 piece for sautéing spinach.


Heat remaining butter in a large, high sided pan, over medium heat. When butter is foamy, add the onion. Cook until soft, 5 minutes. Stir in garlic, half of the ginger, and remaining curry paste and cook until fragrant, 1–2 minutes. Add RAO's marinara. Increase heat to high and bring to a boil, then reduce heat to medium and simmer until thickened, 3– 4 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Remove pan from heat.


Once the chicken has finished baking, return pan with sauce to medium heat. Bring to a simmer, then add chicken and stir to coat. Remove pan from heat and stir in heavy cream. Taste and add salt and pepper as desired, then cover the pan to keep warm until ready to serve.


Heat reserved 1 piece butter in a large pan over medium heat. When butter is foamy, add the shallot and remaining ginger and sauté about 3 minutes. Pat spinach dry with a paper towel, add to the pan, and sauté, about 3 minutes more. Remove pan from heat and season salt and pepper as desired.


Transfer sautéed spinach and Indian butter chicken to serving bowls, spooning over any remaining sauce from the pan.


  • 326 Calories
  • 14.9g Carbohydrates
  • 53mg Cholesterol
  • 26.2g Fat
  • 4.7g Fiber
  • 11g Protein
  • 11.9g Saturated fat
  • 387mg Sodium


*Nutrition information is provided as a courtesy only and should be construed as an estimate rather than a guarantee.” *Carbohydrates are NET Carbs unless the Fiber is listed. If the Fiber is listed, subtract it from the Carb count and you’ll get the NET Carbs.

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